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select partition 1 with diskpart

How to restore a USB Drive or SSD back to full capacity. Without extra tools

I will explain you how to format your USB or SSD drive back to full capacity. Sometimes you will not be able to format your USB back to full capacity. you did a right mouse click -> format but you are unable to format the whole disk. The solution is actually really simple.

Step 1 : Go to start menu and click RUN

open search box windows

Step 2 : Click on RUN to open the application. A small windows will appear. Fill “diskpart” into the text box and press enter or “OK“.

Windows Run with diskpart

Step 3 : This will open the command prompt. Now enter “List disk” command. This will give you following list:

Yours might look different.

diskpart list disk comamnd

The first one is my hard drive. The second one is my USB stick. Please be careful, don’t delete the wrong disk.

Step 4: Now choose disk. I want the second disk so I type: “select disk 1“. Now press enter.
Console output: Disk 1 is now the selected disk.

Step 5: Now type: “clean“.

Console output: Diskpark succeeded in cleaning the disk.

Step 6: Now type: “create partition primary“.

Console output: Diskpark succeeded in creating the specified partition.

Step 7: Now go back to file explorer. Tip: Press ctrl+E to open this window quickly.

Step 8: Right mouse click on the USB and format the drive a usual.

Extra tips:

  • If u get Error message: “Cannot delete a protected partition without the force protected parameter set.” Then use the command delete partition override.


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