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Excel Data validation window with validation criterea

Excel: How to make a dropdown list

Step 1: Create a list of items in the same or in another worksheet.

Step 2: Select all the cells and give them a name. In this example we use the name “levels”. Choose a name that contains only one word and press enter. Do this by clicking the “Name Box”.

Step 3: Select the cells where u want the list to be.

Step 4: Press “Data” in the menu >> choose Data Validation >> List >> put an ” = ” sign in the source field followed by the list name. It’s also possible to select a range of cells.

Tip: You can also set the values without creating a list. Put the values between comma’s and do not use “=”.

Step 5: Your drop down menu is ready. We can select one of the values from our list.

Additional tip: Users will get an error when the try to type within these cells. You can turn this of in the data validation menu.

Error message: “This value doesn’t match the data validation restrictions defined for this cell.”

This will allow users type any value if they want to.


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